We specialize in creating naturalistic Ponds, Streams and Waterfalls. We also offer Custom Landscapes, Hardscapes, Wetland Filtration Systems.

Every Pond we install is custom for the homeowner and property. Our stone and plant artist, Daniel Saylor will create a unique and dynamic landscape that exceeds your expectations. His work displays his artistic ability to transform your property into your own private retreat using stone, water and plants.

Our smallest pond is a 6 x 8 with a pond side waterfall up to large-scale projects with wetland filtration systems several streams and multiple waterfalls.

We also install Pondless Waterfalls for those who don’t want fish or have worries about safety and children. Pondless Waterfalls have a meandering stream and waterfalls without a pond. Best of all, they are very low maintenance!


We offer the following maintenance services for the water features we install. Please contact us for additional information.

Weekly Pond Maintenance
We will provide you with weekly service visits January through December.

Bi-Weekly Pond Maintenance
We will provide you with bi-weekly (every other week) service visits January through December.

Monthly Pond Maintenance
We will provide you with monthly service visits January through December.

Services included with pond maintenance:

  • Clean skimmer net
  • Clean skimmer filter pads (if needed)
  • Check pumps for proper flow
  • Check auto-fill valve for proper function and water level (adjust as needed)
  • Skim water surface and along sides and bottom
  • Trim all pond and stream plants, removal of dead leaves and flowers
  • Replace any gravel or rocks as needed
  • Add or remove floating plants as needed
  • Apply beneficial bacteria and string algae water treatments
  • Check all lights and set timer to proper time if needed

Annual Clean Out

Your water garden should be cleaned out once per year. This will keep your fish happy, your water garden healthy as well as keeping it beautiful for you, friends and family.

Annual cleanout includes the following:

  • Drain the pond
  • Gently relocate fish to large tub with aerator
  • Water landscape plantings with nutrient rich pond water
  • Pressure wash the waterfall(s), stream(s) and pond(s)
  • Clean and replace filter mats and skimmer net (if needed)
  • Replace all aquatic light fixture lamps (bulbs)
  • Clean pump
  • Back flush
  • Clean Biofalls mats and replace as needed
  • Replace rock and gravel as needed.
  • Refill pond and add de-chlorinator to neutralize city water
  • Re-introduce fish