Pond Maintenance – Winter Ready Checklist

  • Remove leaves, debris and other organic material from the pond.
  • At 60 degrees Fahrenheit water temperature, switch to a low temperature fish food.
  • At 55 degrees Fahrenheit water temperature, stop feeding altogether.
  • Cut back hardy plants, but leave some grasses for winter appeal.
    Remove tropical plants from the pond. Treat as annuals and discard, or move indoors and treat as houseplants.
  • Decide if you’re going to run the waterfall throughout the winter or shut down the pond. A winter waterfall can provide some beautiful ice sculptures, but you must be on the lookout for ice dams that can cause your pond to lose water.
  • Remove the pump and store it in a bucket of water in a frost-free location.
  • Remove the skimmer mats and brushes, clean, and store in a dry location.
  • Drain the BIOFALLS filter by opening the check valve.
  • Remove the BIOFALLS filter mats and biomedia, clean, and store in a dry location.
  • Add an air pump, bubbler, or de-icer to keep a hole in the ice for gas exchange and to add oxygen to the water.
  • Enjoy your winter pond and wait for spring.